In addition to our referral and consulting brokerage services, we are available to prepare residential real estate appraisal reports and Comparative Market Analysis reports (CMAs) for clients as well.


CMA Reports

While CMA's are not appraisal reports, they can provide a homeowner considering putting their property on the market, or a buyer considering making an offer, with an independent analysis of what one can expect a reasonable listing range to be, or perhaps a reasonable offer range; or merely be used as a tool to familiarize yourself with current market conditions. It is a smart and inexpensive way to enter the market armed with independent information that you can use to give you realistic expectations of the market, potentially making your overall experience whether buying or selling more satisfying. If you'd like more information about CMAs, please email us.


Certified Appraisals

Our MA Licensed Real Estate Appraisal Trainees work with a Licensed and Certified Supervisory Appraiser to provide appraisals of real property for estate planning and gifting purposes, and for fair market value purposes, as well as for banks and other lending instutions.


We have decades of experience preparing private, estate planning residential real estate work, have acted as expert witnesses in court when an expert in real estate valuation is needed, and have often worked with attorneys and the IRS on behalf of clients doing estate planning.


Professonal Standards

In addition to being REALTORs and being bound through that group by very high standards of practice, we are also USPAP compliant, meaning that we are bound by The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) which dictates the requirements for the ethical and professional behavior of real estate appraisers, including ideas such as, rules for objectivity in taking on appraisal assignments, rules about to whom we have a professional responsibility and to whom we owe confidentiality, as well as rules about how we must conduct ourselves to maintain the integrity of our profession.


What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is the process by which one develops an opinion of value. In a real estate appraisal, an opinion about the value of real estate is developed using three methods of comparison: the income, cost and sales comparison approaches. The majority of the appraisals done on Nantucket are for residential property, and the method of valuation given the most weight is frequently the sales comparison approach.


This means that an opinion of value is developed using several different methods, but that often, the most weight in the results is given to comparing the actual sales of properties which seem most similar to the subject property. Appraisals must also take into consideration market conditions and trends, and once developed, the appraisal report that we prepare for our clients is our objective, professional estimate of the type of value requested by the client, of the subjct property as of a certain date.


When do I need an appraisal?

Real Estate appraisals are used for many different purposes. The most common being: transfer of ownership, estate planning (gifting and taxes), financial or credit purposes, for litigation, investment or purchase decisions.


transferring ownership

Appraisals can be very helpful in the decision-making process for buyers and sellers. They are often used as a starting point either for listing a property or for negotiating the sale/purchase of a property. They can also be useful in families or joint owenership situations where one owner would like to buy out another, and needs a sense of the overall market value.


estate planning/taxes

As far as assets go, real estate ranks amongst one of the most valuable in an estate. When preparing for estate taxes, having an appraisal (usually licensed & certified) is very important. It is also required by most states, not to mention the IRS, in order to properly handle your estate upon your death. Many of our clients regularly have appraisals done which usually makes the process of dealing with an estate much easier for your heirs and for dealing with necessary government taxes.


financial planning

You may wish an appraisal for financial planning purposes. Having an appraisal done for your real estate assets helps you and your planner decide what to do with them and perhaps how to allocate gifting, set up trusts, handle coming taxes, etc.


Appraisals are also required by financial institutions. Prior to accepting a mortgage from you, a bank will need to know what the collateral is actually worth.



Sometimes property disputes come up either as a result of a municipality taking all or a portion of real estate by eminent domain, or perhaps because you have suddenly discovered that your neighbor's house or garage is 10 feet over the property line! In these instances, appraisals are a truly necessary tool, which helps to determine what all or a portion of the real estate is worth so that the parties involved can be made whole.



Our MA Real Estate Appraisal Trainees are not only licensed Brokers and Salespeople, but are also licensed by the Commonwealth and work under a Licensed and Certified Appraiser known in MA as a "Supervisory Appraiser". The Supervisory Appraiser reviews, advises, signs and certifies all of our appraisal reports.


Licensed in Massachusetts:

Kate Ranney Sayle
MATRREA, #103284

Paul Fisher
MACRREA, #75221



The results of an appraisal report are owned by the client. The appraisal team at Denby Real Estate are members of the Massachusetts Board of Real Estate Appraisers(MBREA) and the Appraisal Institute and must adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (USPAP). We are also Realtors and are held to the Realtor Code of Ethics and Stadards of Practice. We are obligated, therefore to maintain, in strict confidence, our clients' information and appraisal results, not to mention under an obligation to behave honestly and professionally. For us, however, it is more than a matter of being held to professional standards, as we feel that our reputation and professional integrity are reflected by, and in, our work.

If interested in ordering an appraisal or finding out more about our services, please conact us.




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